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Kokum Butter Manufacturing Unit
Our parent company, Gadark Lab Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading organisation in the Environmental field. The Laboratory is accredited by various Government as well as private bodies and cater to the environmental needs of various industries in the country.

Gadark Agro & Techno Pvt. Ltd. is the production wing of Gadark Lab Pvt. Ltd. In technical term it is a subsidiary of Gadark Lab Pvt. Ltd. The main advantage of this arrangement is that Gadark Agro & Techno Pvt. Ltd. can avail benefits of sophisticated instruments as well as technical expertise of Gadark Lab Pvt. Ltd.
Benefits of Kokum Butter
  • Exceptional anti-aging agent, attributed to the presence of rich antioxidants like vitamin E that nourish the skin cells and prevent aging.
  • With its rich antioxidant and antibacterial properties, Kokum is an excellent cardiac tonic and is trusted to enhance the kidney functions and support metabolism.
  • With its bactericidal properties, Kokum butter has been proved effective against bacteria like Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus aureus, flavononyl flavone and Escherichia coli.
Manufacturing Process
We are adopting semi automatic method instead of traditional method to improve quality and appearance of Kokum butter.
  • Kernel Separator - In this unit the seed is cleaned and its cover is removed.
  • Expeller with steam boiler - In the expeller seeds are cooked with steam from boiler. Kokum butter with some water are separated from deoiled cake.
  • Steam Jacketed vessle - In this unit mixture of kokum butter and water is heated again to separate kokum butter, water and process slury.
Plot No. H-51, 52, Additional MIDC, P.O. Nerur Dewoolwada, Tal - Kudal, Sindhudurg - 416520, Maharashtra, India.
Tel No.: 02362 223999 Website: www.gat.net.in
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